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The Wedding Sand Ceremony The purpose of the wedding sand is to join two wedding families. The ceremony is usually simple, and someone can say that it is meaningless but very powerful. The two families join together by pouring different colored sand in the same vessel. The harmony of the two families is represented by the color mixtures. The wedding sand is more or less similar to the unity candle ceremony. Most people prefer having the wedding sand instead of the unity candle since the sand container will be available forever while the unity candle usually go off after sometime. Wedding sand is usually not governed by strict guidelines and in the case of wedding ceremony. The ceremony is also optional and can be done at any time. Most people who have the wedding sand ceremony usually do it at a stage during their wedding ceremony since the two families are available. The ceremony usually take place just after the couples have exchanged the vows and the rings. The ceremony will strengthen the vows exchanged and also act as another symbol of unification. The wedding sand ceremony acts as a unification symbol that incorporates the family members too and not the bride and the groom. The wedding sand requires that everyone who is going to take part in the pouring of sand to have unique sand color. The amount of sand that the participants should have depends on the size of the vessel and the number of participants. To get the different colored sand you should visit the bridal stores. The size of the container should be convenient for storage in your homes since you are expected to carry it with you after the ceremony. You can find the vessels from the bridal stores after informing them of the number of participants.
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The official always hands the glasses of sand to the participant after saying an opening speech pertaining to the significance of the ceremony. The recommended protocol for pouring the sand put the groom first. The second in the sand pouring protocol is the bride. The third in the protocol are always the family members you were set to participate. Once they have all poured the sand systematically, all the participants again pour sand at the top all at the same time. The mixture of sand signifies the unification of the two families.
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To improve the beauty of your wedding sand, you can customize the vessel with the family names. All the participants must have different colors of sand so that there can be distinction. The couples can also recite their vows before pouring the sand. The presiding officer can also be allowed to pour sand in case the wedding is religious to represent the presence of God.