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Luxury Holidays Around The World

With hundreds of airlines that offer enticing deals and programs such as Skyscanner helping customers select from the most economical plane tickets, travelling around the world has never been simpler. From Mauritius to the Gold Coast there are thousands of destinations in which to holiday and this miniature guide will allow you to get a better insight into a few of the greatest places to travel to in style.

This is for those who love mojitos on a hammock or enjoy lobster on a gold plate, you will be able to find excellent ways of spending your off time.


Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean, around 2,000 Kilometres from the African coast. Formerly a French and Dutch colony, Mauritius became land of the British at the beginning of the 19th century and it only attained independence in 1968. Mauritius comes with a variety of fauna and flora and thanks to its tropical climate and deserted beaches with clear waters it is currently ranking as the 56th most visited destination across the globe.

Through visit Creole mansion Eureka you will be able to have a look into Mauritius’ rich colonial history. Built in the 1830s, this totally maintained home is a memorial surrounded by gardens with cherry and palm trees as well as waterfalls. The mansion comes with 109 windows and doors and happens to be of its kind in the island.

The Gold Coast

South of Brisbane at Australia’s East Coast you will be able to find The Gold Cost, awash with sandy beaches and hiking trails. The sixth biggest city in Australia, happens to be a favorite tourist destination thanks to its subtropical climate. So popular, that the city will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Ten million tourists visit the region every year, which isn’t surprising if knowing the coastal area has 60 kilometres of beach and lots of golf courses.

Elite Holiday Homes is among the largest luxury holiday home providers in the region with multi-million dollar residencies available for rental. If you’d like to add a touch of opulence to your holiday, look no more.


As a country North of Africa it is well known for its street markets and meals that are full of spices. Rabat is the capital and Casablanca its largest city and tourism is of high importance to the area. Exotic and cheap, Morocco ranks highly when it comes to security, and because of this it is able to enjoy a huge number of European visits every year. Part of what makes Morocco a fun experience happens to be its ancient cities together with how people are friendly.

Fez is the 2nd biggest city in the country and you will see the most comprehensive car-free city area. Even if this isn’t available to the public, The Royal Palace’s brass doors and surrounding carved wood are worth a visit.


Seychelles is made up of a hundred and fifteen islands on the Indian Ocean. Since the 1970’s due to its plentiful beaches and nature reserves it has become a major tourist destination. It is perfected for honeymoons providing an exotic adventure to its customers.

Another beautiful place is Anse Lazio, here you will witness stunning shores characterized by clear waters and thick palm trees.