Deep Dive into India’s connection with rich & traditional folk paintings

The purpose of any kind of art, particularly painting is to communicate ideas, to create the sense of beauty, and to explore the nature of perception. It makes people perceive the world in a unique way. Painting is the most understandable way of art because it gives us the most complete and vivid impression. The cultural heritage of India is known to be very rich and painting (be it modern or traditional) is the best way to connect back with the roots. There are certain brain and health benefits of paintings – nurtures emotional growth, helps to reduce stress & anxiety, strengthens memory, promotes optimistic attitude etc.

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Every country has something unique to offer to the world, but no other place has varied cultural diversity than India. India is regarded as a country that is rich in cultural heritage and is famous for various kinds of arts. Indian Paintings are considered a rich amalgamation of creative interpretation of thoughts, expression, and situations occurring in our surroundings. The advent of the British Raj had a deep impact on the Indian art and the classical Indian art form transformed into Indian Contemporary Art. India has witnessed the rise of many renowned contemporary Indian artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Amrita Shergil, etc. Abstract Drawing is considered one of the popular art forms where the artists use a visual language of shape, color, form, line, etc. in order to come up with a visual treat. Since the core DNA of the Indian Painting forms like Mithila Paintings, Warli Paintings, Kalighat Paintings, etc. have been retained; there is a growing demand for Indian Paintings from the resident, as well as global art collectors.

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