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Driving Business to Serve Customers’ Concerns by Using Janitorial Services Much has been written about the importance of performance management when it comes to janitorial cleaning services and how the business can benefit from it. Most of the things that have been written have been done so from the vantage point of the business owner, but there is not so much written about seeing it from the customer’s point of view. Business today should be customer-focused and what this is means is that the business should examine how these consumers look for the businesses they need, and their expectations of them. Though this is not to say that all businesses that has been embraced by consumers are clueless of what is driving these consumers to them, I would like to highlight the fact that there are untapped opportunities that a business owner can do, to reach more consumers and improve the customer experience. A growing concern for the environment is one of the concerns of Americans as revealed by recent surveys. Climate change and environment problems are the things that Americans think that is the greatest threat to their health and well being, somewhat higher than terrorism, but a little lesser than global epidemic. The results of this survey shows that the concern for global warming from the respondents is what is in the minds of many people today, and they have expressed the fact that environmental conditions have worsened during their lifetime, blaming the businesses in their disregard the environment which is affecting the consumer’s well being and health.
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Because of the accountability that consumers have placed upon business owners, it has already translated to many businesses having a strong sense of stewardship and responsibility over these environmental concerns.
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If businesses are concerned of these issues, then the best way to address it is to pamper your customers with a clean and well sanitized facility. However, since it’s all too easy to let environmental issues accumulate and your business paying the price for it, today’s attention of outsourcing these non-core business undertaken is the idea of granting these janitorial cleaning companies whose focus and only diligence is to keep your facility at par with your consumers concerns. Sadly there are many businesses and janitorial service providers today whose motive is simply to adhere to regulatory requirements or do it to compete with other businesses. And few are those who have a genuine concern for the health and welfare of the consumers’ who are utilizing these facilities. What is important for business owners is to know where their drive as a business is. Herein can you only tell if you have really chosen to take something that concerns the people that occupies your facility and the people who go there to transact business with you, instead of remaining clueless of this untapped opportunity and what you can do about it.